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James Francois


Veteran's Realtor® of Choice in Orlando Florida

James Francois, an esteemed Realtor affiliated with Coldwell Banker, is not only a seasoned professional in the real estate industry but also a proud Marine veteran. Specializing in assisting veterans with their real estate needs in the vibrant city of Orlando, James brings a unique blend of military discipline and real estate expertise to the forefront.

With a dedicated focus on supporting those who have served in the military, James navigates the complexities of VA loans with precision and care. His personal experience in the Marines provides him with a profound understanding of the specific challenges and opportunities faced by veterans, making him a trusted ally in their pursuit of home ownership dreams.

In the competitive Orlando real estate market, James stands out not only for his deep knowledge of local housing trends but also for his commitment to providing personalized service. His dual expertise in real estate and military affairs ensures that fellow veterans receive guidance through a smooth and efficient home buying process. James Francois is not just a Realtor; he is a veteran dedicated to serving and empowering his fellow servicemen and women in their real estate endeavors.

One of James’s key strengths is his ability to establish meaningful connections with his clients. He takes the time to listen to their individual needs and preferences, tailoring his approach to find properties that align with their lifestyle and financial goals. As a veteran himself, James recognizes the sacrifices veterans have made for their country, and he is dedicated to making the transition to civilian life as seamless as possible by helping them secure a home that meets their needs.

Coldwell Banker, a trusted name in real estate, benefits greatly from James’s military expertise and commitment to excellence. His affiliation with the brokerage ensures that his clients have access to cutting-edge resources and a network of professionals who share his dedication to delivering top-notch service.

James Francois


Having walked the disciplined path of a Marine, I understand the unique challenges that come with military service, the camaraderie forged in the crucible of shared experiences, and the deep desire for a place to call home once the uniform is laid aside. It is this understanding that fuels my unwavering dedication to assisting veterans in their real estate needs. In Orlando, where the pulse of the city echoes with diverse stories, I stand ready to be a beacon for veterans who seek a home. My commitment goes beyond the confines of a real estate transaction; it is a promise to guide my fellow veterans through the maze of VA loans, leveraging my firsthand knowledge to make the process as seamless as possible.

Navigating the competitive real estate market in Orlando is no small feat, but my dual expertise in both real estate and military affairs equips me to stand as a steadfast ally. I am not just a Realtor; I am a Marine veteran with a mission to ensure that my comrades find not just a house, but a haven where they can build the next chapter of their lives. 

In the neighborhoods that sprawl beyond Orlando, I extend my hand to veterans, understanding that the transition from military to civilian life is a journey best taken with a trusted guide. Whether it’s the pursuit of a forever home or an investment venture, my commitment remains unyielding. Allow me, James Francois, fellow veteran and Realtor® to be of service.

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James Francois – USMC Ret. REALTOR®